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A set of our first four picture books - for pre-school & primary school children aged 3-8 learning to speak and read, special needs children or adults, and young people learning English as an additional language. Add the promo code at checkout for the discount to be applied.


Ellie's Toy Hunt - Level Blue - Powerful Words. Ellie practices activities to encourage listening and getting people’s attention, then learns the key words “in”, “on” and “under”, in this festive book.


The Birthday Picnic - Level Green - Awesome Sentences. The story of Josh's birthday picnic in the park, with cheeky dogs and precarious jelly.


NOT Once Upon a Time - Level Yellow - Remarkable Stories. Josh learns how to construct a story based on bath time in the garden for his dog Thunder. Things don’t go to plan and one family member gets wet!


Sensational Foods - Level Red - Super Skills. Ellie is learning new words related to the senses and food groups. Ava is helping Josh with his homework. The book shows how day-to-day activities can be used to develop super skills when learning how to talk.


Facing each of the seven drawings in each book is a page of text, arranged to help the parent or carer to adopt proven Speech & Language Therapy techniques to help achieve deeper interaction with the child. This encourages understanding and use of language. Tips on how to get the most from the book are included.

Four book bundle

SKU: OTB-X-101
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