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Hi, my name is Josh.
I am 8 years old.
I like building blocks.
I am autistic and my special interest is photography.
I don’t like loud noises or busy places. I also don’t like wearing trousers because they feel too scratchy on my knees.
I like red.
I like giving my pet dog lots of cuddles. This helps me to feel calm.
I like when people don’t rush me to do things because I need time to process the information.
It also helps me when my teachers use pictures and lists in the lesson. I can forget things sometimes and lists help me to keep track of my work.
I need some help to play at breaktimes in school. My friend Zayn is very good at explaining things to me when I get confused. He is my best friend.
I need help with understating my emotions. My school and my family are helping me with that.
I want to become a photographer when I am an adult.

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