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Hi! We are the Bhugras.

I am Clara. I like building things! I am a civil engineer. I also enjoy arts and crafts.

I am Kamal. I teach Year 6 at the Oaks Primary School. This is the same primary school that Josh goes to. My hobby is cooking!

This is Ellie and she is 3,5 years old. She is our youngest child, Josh is our middle son, and Ava is the eldest. Ellie is into everything, especially her food! Ellie’s favourite toy at the moment is a fire engine. She also likes books! Bedtime is probably the best part of the day for Ellie. She enjoys having a warm bath and then reading a couple of books before falling asleep.

We have 2 pets. Our rescue greyhound is called Thunder. He likes chasing squirrels and eating cheese. Our cat is called Ivy, the queen of mischief! She is always trying to get Thunder’s things and often gets into trouble.

We are a busy family! We like being outdoors, going for dog walks, going to the beach… Camping is our favourite holiday!

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