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More than just picture books for children, Off the Blox is a comprehensive Early Intervention tool. 

Immediate strategies to get children off the starting 'blox' with talking  

Our children’s story books coach adults to use embedded strategies whilst reading the stories with the children and having fun!

Find out how our books support your child’s development and language needs

Illustrations for Language

Encourage discussion using targeted vocabulary,

emotions and

much more!

Off the Blox icons

Encourage attention and listening skills,

 turn-taking, understanding and use of language.


Promote special needs awareness, diversity, and inclusion.

Visual Support 

'Blox’ highlight

key information

for each level.

Adult & Child Special Time

No screens!  

Focus on better engagement, deep interaction and connection between the adult and child!

Off the Blox is all

you need in one place

Affordable yet durable

 high-quality materials.

A great resource for busy parents, teachers and therapists.

No need to print and laminate.

No more loose pages.

Training at your finger tips!


Targeted guidance for adults at the end of each book.


Get Off the Blox today!

Use strategies straight away whilst waiting for support services.

“Loved the illustrations. So much to see and talk about. Pictures combined with prompts
and questions meant we were able to have lots of discussions about what we thought.
Helps with reading and comprehension.  Excellent guidance helps give parents confidence.”

Emma, Parent

"Good follow up at home of strategies used in clinic and schools. Clear progression to show development throughout the books.

Well structured and visually presented material is easy to follow. Children feel work is set at their level."

 Mrs R. - Specialist Speech and  Language Therapist 

“The pictures are fabulous and much better than most published Speech and Language Therapy resources.”

AB, English Teacher

IMG_5356 - LR-v2.jpg

Lily Wallis 

Biological Sciences BSc (Honours), Lic. (PGCE Honours)

Off the Blox Director of Education 

Additional Needs and Neurodiversity Advocate

Jon Yogi 2020-08-09 9K3A9911- HR.jpg

Jonathan Jeffery 

Graphic Design BA (Honours) 

Off the Blox Graphic Designer and Illustrator 

Cartoonist at

Autistic Artist and Advocate

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